Happy New Year to all for 2020 73's


Luc LX1IQXLX Multiprotocol Reflector Server
Phil ZL2ROInitiative and hosting
Ivan ZL1OTFHardware setup and support
Matt ZL1YHFDashboard design and Linux support
Colin ZL2ARLDonation
Dev 9Y4DGPeanut setup and Module R support
Dr John ZL2JPMDonations from the ROAR Community
Jim 7J1AJH (ZL2IA)Web-based Support with Linux
Michael K5MREHosting TGIF 31665
Andrew ZL1TAPDonation
Adrian VK4TUXReflector Support
Ted KC3OLDonation
Jason K1DJSDonation
John ZL2TWSDonation Peanut Module B